PR, marketing and communications strategic plans, Media management, Copywriting, Social media, Advertising management, Electronic and hard copy newsletters, Brochures and flyers, Website management and development.

You’re busy delivering the goods to your customers and clients, right? When do you have time to manage your entire marketing and communications approach? Or to sit down and craft the words that will make your business message truly come to life?

That’s where we come in. At Collier Maddigan Communications not only are we expert writers, we're expert planners. So, we can work with you to develop a full-blown strategic marketing plan, organise and design every element to deliver that plan, and carefully write every word for every newsletter, website, brochure and media release. All designed to help you secure new customers, and keep your existing ones on board.

Or, we can show you how it's done, and give you the tools to do some of the work yourself. The choice is yours.

And, if you're looking for expertise in internal communications, we can help you out there too. We'll happily translate complex business messages into plain English, so you can inform and engage employees right across your organisation.

We work with clients from from all types of industries, including Awapuni Nurseries - one of New Zealand's leading seedling suppliers. We helped build, and now manage, their website, write regular electronic newsletters and media releases, advise them on social media ....and a whole lot more.

We'd like to work with you too. So, wherever you’re based, why not get in touch?